Saturday, April 05, 2008

Father's Day is now on April 5th!

We got our first grill for our wedding reception at my home church after we returned from our honeymoon (June 2002). It bit the dust LAST April. In other words....NO GRILLING ALL SUMMER!!!

So the other night Stacy said that we should go and get the parts to fix my old grill, so off to Lowe's we go. When we pull up they of course have all the new models of grills sitting out in front. Enter temptation. It all gets kind of blurry from here till now so I will try and relay what I've been told happened. Well, actually all I really remember is Stacy saying "Why don't we get a new one? I was going to get you one for Father's Day, but I don't want to wait till June." From the word June until now everything else is a blur. Well all except for finding this little beauty priced at the lower model's price and getting it for $40 bucks cheaper. So without further delay let me say.....Grilling season is here. Take this as an open invite to come eat with us (provided I give Stacy 72 hours notice)

(man grunting)

Let me introduce you to 667 cu. inches of grilling area. The flyer said you can get like 24 patties on it...(yeah 24 Krystal size patties) I think I can squeeze 12 on there.

It has three burners pumping out 42,000 btu of propane...(again more grunting)

It also has a 12,000 btu side burner

MMMMMmmmmm. CCCCChhhhhhiiiiiiicccccccckkkkk-uuuuuun!

(commence drooling)




Yummy! I'm ready to eat! You can cook for me anytime. :) Happy early Father's Day! :)

Jason said...


Stacy said...

Yum Yum!!! We've had chicken, burgers, chicken so far and the summer looks like it's going to taste pretty good!!! :)

Jamey said...

Oh man! We're moving back. It's settled.