Friday, December 28, 2007

New New Year's Resolutions

Long time no post!

I'm sure you have kept up with all the happenings around the Stacy household over the past few months on Stacy's I won't bore you with all the details.

This has been a relaxing trip to my parent's house in Oklahoma, I say trip because we have kids with us. It is only a vacation when you don't have any kids with you :) It has been good to come home for the first time in 2 years. It doesn't seem like it has been that long since I have been back here, my wife has seen my parents more than I have in the last 2 years. It has been interesting just to see how much this town has changed in the 11 years since I left here for the metropolis of Searcy, AR. There have been a flood of memories, good and not so good. All in all it has been a good trip yet I am looking forward to returning to a little normalcy and getting to sleep in my own king size bed so that Stacy is barking at me to scoot closer to the edge of the bed in the queen-size we are sleeping in here. But back to the business at hand...

The new year is approaching and last year I took on quite a monster of a resolution to eat no sweets or fried foods and drink only water......yeah... that lasted till about the middle of Feb. So this year I have some new changes to make. I will turn 29 this Feb and would like to be about 65 - 75 pounds lighter by the time I reach my 30th. So instead of placing such extreme restrictions on myself this year I am going with...

1) No pop/coke/soda
2) Sweets only at celebrations (weddings/b-days/anniversaries) and only one serving.
3) Work-out 4-5 days a week.

For family/spiritual changes...
1) Pray with Stacy at least 5 times a week.
2) Read the corresponding Proverbs chapter for the day of the month - No more than 31 days in a month and 31 chapters in Proverbs?!
3) Focus on kids from time I get home from work till they go to bed. Right now I get home between 5:30 and 6 and the kids go to bed between 8:30 and 9 that's only 3 hours.
4) Leave work between 4:30 and 5.

Well, there you have it....

Any takers on the food/work out resolutions....Jason?