Friday, June 29, 2007

60+ things about me you never knew you didn't want to know...

1. I am more than a foot taller than my wife.

2. My high school football record was 5-25.

3. I can handle gross stuff on other people but almost passed out watching the nurse put the needle in my arm to give blood.

4. People have always told me when I was younger that I would be a great father....the verdict is still out on that one.

5. I could eat Mexican 365 days a year.

6. I can fix just about anything.

7. I am good at building things.

8. Ummm.....

9. I had to write an essay so that I could graduate from college.

10.I get emotional at just about everything that has to do with some family dealing with ailments with their kids.

11.My Wish on ESPN almost makes me cry every time.

12.I dread the day my dad dies because I will have no one to go to with life's questions.

13.I wear a size 8 in fitted hats...and that is comfortable only when I have my hair cut.

14.When I was younger I was always told that how funny it would be if I married a girl with the first name Stacy. Ha, if they could only see me now!!!

15.I have been between jobs for 2 1/2 months and have gotten to see Jordan and Lawson grow up more everyday and have loved every moment of it!

16.I don't get wound up about much.

17.I can have all the patience in the world with people except people in my family...and I am trying to change that.

18.I am the biggest critic of anything that I do.

19.I never feel that I have done all I can do.

20.The middle half of both my front teeth are fake...before that people never knew whether to smile at me or kick a field goal.

21.If I could do it over again I would have enlisted with the Marines after 9/11.

22.I can grill like no ones business.

23.I make some mean pancakes.

24.I really do love to showers needed.

25.I have climbed to the tallest point in the 48 contiguous states.(Bonus points if you know where that is)

26.I have been to every state except Hawaii, Alaska, and the New England states.

27.My dad won a performance award from work and I got $100 bucks to spend on whatever I wanted.

28.The above mentioned prize was $10,000.

29.My left foot is 1/2 size bigger than my right.

30.My only 'tic' is that I bounce my legs when I am sitting down.

31.The right side of my face is always pruned because my wife has an obsession with pulling hairs while I am driving.

32.I don't like for people I don't know well to touch my prized possessions.

33.I pull for the Chiefs year after heartbreaking year.

34.My mom is from Canada.

35.My dad is from Michigan.

36.My wife is from Michigan.

37. I call it POP!!!

38.This is getting easier as it goes on.

39.I love to be outdoors.

40.I love to hunt.

41.I love to fish.

42.With 2 kids I don't get to do much of either right now.

43.With 2 kids I can't wait to share with them my love of the outdoors.

44.I love NASCAR.

45.I have met the other Jonathan Edward Stacy.

46.My son is the first male in my family not to have Edward as a middle name.

47.I married my best friend.

48.My wife makes me want to be a better person.

49.I am obsessed with history.

50.I look exactly like my dad and I like that.

51.I am ticklish.

52.I don't talk much on road trips and my wife thinks I am mad at her.

53.Spiders give me the heeby geebies.

54.I jump at scary movies.

55.I always laugh at bodily noises, especially my kids'

56.I move that #38 be stricken from the record.

57.I am not PC and don't care to hear PC stuff from other people...just shoot me straight.

58.I don't like sitting on warm toilet means some other rearend was just on it...BLAH!!!

59.I am a big softy.

60.I was the world's biggest jerk in college my sophomore and junior years and I try to tell the kids in our huddles about it so they won't have to live with the same mistakes.

61.I won the state science fair when I was in the 10th grade.

62.I set the deadlift record in high school my senior year at 580 lbs.

63.I wasn't an accountant I would be a history teacher.

64.I hate shopping...and require a minimum of 3 days notice to psych myself up for the abuse.

65.I can get into any sport that is on TV. Especially during the Olympics...Go USA!!!

66.If I meet someone and tell them I am from Oklahoma 99.9% of the time they start to sing...."OOOOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains....." If not out loud then in their just did!

67.My all time favorite band, and arguably one of the best from the early '90s is STP.

68.I give my wife 3 kisses everynight before bed.

69.Somewhere in my family tree I am related to Al Gore....shhhh don't tell him that.

70.Women in my family outlive the men by an average of 20 years.

71.That sucks.

72.I don't like to shave. EVER

73.I mix up the syllables in words, mainly when I am speaking in class or in front of a crowd. My all time greats are "Would you prease play with me?" and "We will be studying Neha and Ezramiah."

74.My number in high school

75.It is hard for me to sleep much past 7 a.m.

76.I am not good at Boggle or Scrabble.

77.I was born in Kansas City, MO. on George Washington's birthday.

78.This is way more than 60 things.

79.I was born in '79 so I will stop here!

Well, there you have it.

Leave me a comment so I can know who reads my blog...and tell me which fact you liked the best.

Scrushy, Siegleman, The Office, and Amazing Developments

Okay, so I have started to try and watch The Office. Everyone just raves about what a funny show it is. It is very funny when, WAFF 48 isn't breaking in every 5 minutes to tell me that Siegleman and Scrushy have been sentenced. Honestly, why do you deem it important to break in and tell me the same thing that has been scrolling across the bottom of the screen? Isn't that what the 10 o'clock news is for. You know on ESPN they scroll info across the bottom and because of some of that information that is on there my interest is piqued and I want to see what it is about. But when you keep sssssssssccccccccrrrrrrrrrooooooooolllllliiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg the SAME thing and it is pretty self explanatory...DON'T CUT IN!!! Nobody cares to see a picture of the courthouse in Montgomery with some random people walking out of it.

Ok now on to more important information...

People are taking notice to the improvements in the grades and attitudes of the children that are involved in the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center.

Habitat for Humanity has approached the center with some extremely exciting news. They are going to choose the 5 most deserving families whose kids are attending the Learning Center and build those families homes to get them out of the projects. I am pumped about this. What a way for these families to break the cycle!!!

The Huntsville Housing Authority has also seen the improvements of these students as productive citizens and classmates and has come to this...For a certain amount of improvement in their grades they will reduce the rent for their family and for an even greater improvement in grades they will completely ELIMINATE their rent. What a blessing that will be!!!

The splendor of a King, clothed in majesty
Let all the earth rejoice
All the earth rejoice

He wraps himself in Light, and darkness tries to hide
And trembles at His voice
Trembles at His voice

How great is our God, sing with me
How great is our God, and all will see
How great, how great is our God

Age to age He stands
And time is in His hands
Beginning and the end
Beginning and the end

The Godhead Three in One
Father Spirit Son
The Lion and the Lamb
The Lion and the Lamb

Name above all names
Worthy of all praise
My heart will sing
How great is our God

How great is our God, sing with me
How great is our God, and all will see
How great, how great is our God

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Collision Course Redux

First let me express my deep appreciation for all of those who have been in prayer on my family's behalf. I have yet to go through what I would call a 'traumatic time' but this was definitely a stressful time. I always hear from those who have had stressful times remark how wonderful it felt to know that others were concerned and were praying for them. To those who sent the encouraging text messages or called just to see how things were going. Thanks! Now I can say how wonderful it felt to get those messages and phone calls to let me know that you were concerned and were praying about it.

So....I start next Friday, yeah I know what a long work week, at Southern Stone Design. It is a small company at the moment, but keep track of this one. It has empire written all over it. I am excited, pumped-up, giddy ( no, what scratch that last description), about starting with this company. The potential with them is endless and I will get to have more of an impact on the business, which is what I missed about being in management. But as time drew near for my faith to collide with my fear I started pondering the real meaning of God's promises to us.

Do we make God's promises fit our lifestyle? Dr. Lavendar from Lipscomb spoke on facing our giants in Praise & Prayer last Wednesday night and it only reaffirmed my question. God says "... do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear." If we had come to a point where the money ran out and we lost our house or we had to sell our clothes to pay bills....or, well, let's just use real examples. How about Kathy Darby, Kay Zorn, or Jim Osco. All of these people lost things in Katrina. Kay lost here entire house. Everything. Total loss. But she could move in with her sister in Chattanooga and start over. She didn't have any food but the brothers and sisters at Ocean Springs C o C provided meals for her. God took care of her. He held up to his end of the bargain. But I have heard of people that lost their house because of job situations and couldn't afford the same clothing that they had become accustomed too. And they wondered where God was in keeping his promise about them not worrying about what they would wear. They completely missed the point. This point was one that was hard to realize in our situation. We prayed for a job to provide for us, but the promise isn't that we will eat anything we want from any restaurant we want or the we will wear clothes bought from any store we wanted. If we lost our home and our belongings and had to move in with parents or friends or a shelter and eat from a soup kitchen. What part of that life would not be what God said he would do. We would have shelter and we would have food and we would have the clothes on our backs.

I think that we try to make God fit our lifestyle and we try to make His promises fit the standard of living that He has blessed us with. I think that this thinking is entirely false and set us up for a big slap in the face and huge test of just how real our faith is....

Am I wrong here?

Are there other promises that we twist to fit our lifestyles?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just a few things...

One thing/phrase I am beyond tired of hearing is...."they [illegals] are doing the jobs that Americans won't do." Give me a break....why don't you tell the truth. 'They' aren't doing jobs that Americans won't do they are doing jobs for pay that Americans can't take. Don't blame illegals for taking American's jobs; blame the construction companies for violating federal laws and paying under minimum wage and paying cash at that.

On another note these Conn. kids have it soooo hard. To all the parents complaining....Shut up! You see approx 2000 kids will have to repeat the grade they just completed because they have over 19 unexcused absences. The decision was made by the School Board to make kids repeat the grade if they have excessive absences. For the 05-06 school year on avg. 1500 kids missed school each day in the Waterbury, CN school district. It's about time the school boards to matters into their own hands and started punishing truancy. If you want to advance then come to class.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Those who need prayers...

Corey & Alisha --- have some extremely sad news

Ryan & Katrina & Abigail Grace --- born at 24 weeks

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Collision Course

So right now I am, oh how do you say, 'Between opportunities'.

This has definitely been a lesson in patience. A lesson in waiting. It was easy in the beginning but now it has gotten down to crunch time. The time when my fear is going to collide with my faith is drawing near. The time has come to take real stock of my faith. To not just recite promises or verses, but to really trust them. Not a time to just rattle off 'cliches' but to take real hope in them. To lean not on my own understanding. To rest on the promises. But what are these. What comfort is there in scripture. This is what I want to look at.

The promise of a constant companion.

Deut 31:6,8, Joshua 1:5. These are familiar verses but they have taken on new meaning. I don't challenge God that His word is true, but I challenge myself to really believe these words spoken to Joshua thousands of years ago. It is easy to recite and say 'We'll you know (name) things are tight, but God has said that He will never leave or forsake us.' Easy to say/type (I just did it) but much harder to actually say 'God, my way obviously doesn't work, you have said it now it's time to believe it.'

Psalms 9:10. A psalm written in the aftermath of the death of a son, yet David pens these words with the conviction that no matter what the trial or tragedy God WILL be there for His people. If I stick to my guns then the Lord will stick to His. But to me the real pick-me up is in verse 11. Sing praises to the LORD, enthroned in Zion; Proclaim among the nations what He has done. Tell those around you what God has done in your life. How has God guided you through trials. Proclaim it. In the words of Luigi (from my son's favorite movie 'Cars') "I must scream it from the top of some place very high; my excitement." Let the world know just how great God is. My faith is colliding with my fear and that excites me to see what God will do.

The promise of being provided for.

Matthew 6:25-34. These verses are the easiest to quote or remember but the hardest to really trust in. As a man you what to provide for your family. You want to make sure there is food on the table and clothes on their backs and a roof over their head. You want to do that and sometimes we can't. Our plans fail. Our plans leave us wanting. But God's plan don't. When we follow God's will and adhere to His commands then we can truly rely on His words, because, well let's face it at the end of the day that is all that there really is. Again my fear is on collision course with my faith and I couldn't be more excited.

So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
Do I really believe this? Do you really believe that God will provide the necessities of life? Does God really care?
Psalms 55:22, Nahum 1:7, 1 Peter 5:7 convey to me that God is waiting there for me. He wants me to unload the stress and pain of worry onto Him. He wants me to know that He cares for me. He wants me to know that He is my 'ever-present help in trouble' Psalms 46:1.
There is a song that we sang Wednesday night in the Rock and it's words really challenge me.
When the sun's shining down on me.
When the world's all as it should be.
Blessed be your name.
That's easy enough but the real challenge to me is in the following lyrics:
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say...Blessed be the name of the Lord
Just like in the movie 'Facing the Giants' the question is posed to the wife if she will still love the Lord even if they never have children.
Will I still love the Lord even when time are rough?
My fear and faith are colliding ....Blessed be the name of the Lord!