Friday, July 28, 2006

Random Thoughts

So after reading several blogs and the links to peoples blogs that comment I have one theory about who blogs has held true to this point. Another observation is that people use this as a vent/jab at their spouse. It could be a statement about the lack of help around the house or with the children or it could be about how a classmate from high school looks now, which is not bad but it earks me when the comment about how good the person looks now is followed with 'sigh'. Maybe it is just me but after reading "Every Man's Battle" several times he makes the point that we don't have the right to look at anyone else let alone dream or 'wonder' about someone who was in our past. Just seems to me to leave an opening for the mind to start to wander and Satan to begin is work. I don't know maybe I am way off base. As far as jabs at spouses I don't really think that a public blog is a place to express those even if they are true that needs to be kept private or expressed between the two of you.

Stacy and I have started reading James Dobson's "Night Light". It has been wonderful to go to bed and read a devotional thought and hear what your spouse is thinking or has to say on/about that subject. I look forward to being able to just take some alone time and examine our relationship. I am also looking forward to this weekend. Our good friends Sunny and Jason have been suckered, I mean volunteered to keep Lawson for us this weekend so that we can have a fun weekend with just the two of us before the baby gets here. I am really pumped about this. T-minus 3 minutes as I write this.

One final thought... Tonight when you go to bed reminisce with your spouse about the fun times and places you went together when it was just the two of you. To quote Jason " It does me good to remember when..."

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

[NAME] Stacy

Criteria: 1. Not made up out of a common product. (i.e. Lemonjello, Orangejello, or (kenny's favorite) S$&%head.)
2. Can be a name that could be used for a male but if it were used for a male it would draw to serious question that male's masculinity.
3. You have to be able to pronounce it on the first try. (see criteria 1.)
4. Must have 5-7 letters.
5. Must end with a consanant. Those do not include a e i o u.
6. Most importantly..........If you are right you'll have to wait until Aug. 9th, Lord willing.


How 'bout a list of possible names for my baby girl.


Here's a question... Phillip Allen and I are leading the Men's class on Wednesday night. We need to have a name and a brief description to give to Joe Essner to put in the bulletin. Does anyone have any suggestions? It needs to grab men's attention and get them intrigued but not scare them off because of the subject of purity that will be discussed in the class.

Running Late

Is it just me or does running late from the get go seem to put you behind the preverbial 8 ball. I always feel this way until a break/lunch. Then it seems as if everything has caught up, just like on "The Amazing Race" where people leave at 4 a.m. and have a huge lead on the other teams but then everyone has to wait at the same spot for the zoo/museum to open up. Usually when I start off late I end up having this great internal monologue about how I am 27 years old and have trouble getting out of bed early enough to get the things done that I need to do before going to work ... yada ... yada ... yada... . Well, enough 'blogging' for now. I had thought of all these great things to hash out on the blog, but then.... I was 'running late'........

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What in the world....

FINE, ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! I guess I will try this 'blogging' thing out. (can you feel the sarcasm). Stacy will ridicule me over this because not 2 minutes ago I was just making fun of people that 'blogged'. Mainly I was making fun of Kenny because he has gotten sucked into this world too. I had thought/still think this stuff is for people (housewives) who have nothing to do while the kids sleep or youth ministers who, well let's face it, don't really have a set schedule and teacher/coaches who get 2 months off during the summer. Well I think I covered all of my friends who have blog spots so I might as well join them. It will be a good place to empty out my thoughts on life and respond to others thoughts and their feelings about situations. Well since my day is structured and I only get paid for what work I do, I guess I had better finish this up and get back to work.